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About Us


"TLV Bike Tours" is a private company founded in 2009.
The company operates guided cycling tours on bike trails in Tel Aviv.

Bike tours Concept  in Tel Aviv, which is unique to the Company, Created from the connection of several elements like love cycling, Green Environmental awareness, education and Zionist values, curiosity and love of others.
All these joined together in the wonderful infrastructure of about 100 km of bicycle paths in the city Stretches along 14 kilometers of coastline and alongside, countless bike paths in Hayarkon Park, White City and its avenues and the outskirts, where everything was started ..
Many Stories and fascinating history surrounding the establishment of the first Hebrew city Along with the unique building styles of the White City, the colorful and the unique atmosphere of Tel Aviv as a "City of the World ", all of those connect while a nice ride and make the bike tours participation experience unforgettable and enriched with pure pleasure.


The driving force of the company reaches particularly high levels of satisfaction from thousands of guided bike tour participants so far.

The company has done and is doing its best to provide tour participants high quality in every relevant logistic and content detail.

Carefully selected tour guides at the personalities, knowledge and the level of service orientation.

We enjoy every tour and as long as we continue to enjoy we will be here for you.

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